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Handwrought Gold Jewelry

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Handwrought one at a time, just for you by your hometown jeweler. It wasn’t so long ago that all jewelry was made one at a time in small shops. We’ve held this tradition dear for many years, and to this day still make it ourselves. As artisans and makers we control the quality of the pieces we offer. We use…

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Why Pirates Wore Gold Earrings and Why You Should Too

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In ancient times jewelry was worn as adornment as well as a savings account. Pirates wore gold earrings as a fashion statement and an insurance policy. It symbolized that they had plundered enough booty to afford the adornment as well as the ability to sell it upon death to ensure a proper burial. Although most of us don’t buy earrings…

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Pantone’s Fall Colors 2014; Jewelry Trends


Each year Pantone, the leader of color communication in the design world selects seasonal color trends that will be showcased for a season by a range of designers from clothing to housewares to accessories.   The fall report is released to the public as the first lines featuring those hues hit the runways all over the world. “This is a season…

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Update Your Wedding Ring 6 Easy Ideas

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Many of you would never change a thing about your wedding jewelry. For those who don’t share this opinion, please read on. We know that you love your wedding ring. It’s just that personal style evolves. What you enjoyed years ago can change over time. Sometimes we just want to update our look a little and sometimes we need to start…

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