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Now Is A Good Time To Buy Platinum Jewelry

Platinum prices are lower than they’ve been for years, making it more affordable than ever to purchase platinum jewelry. Price per ounce is less than gold! Scroll Down for Tips To Care For Platinum Jewelry     Benefits of Platinum Platinum prongs offer better protection for diamonds, which is why the world’s most significant diamonds, from the Hope Diamond to the…

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Let Your Necklace Speak For You

NECK WEAR When you wear a ring or bracelet you can look down and see the brilliant sparkle of a diamond or the warmth of the gold. When you wear a necklace you usually only see it in a mirror, but anyone who is facing you sees it. So your neck can be a good place to make a statement…

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Meet Carrie Zara Awan Designer at JBD

zarie border

 I am inspired by the details, the small intricate touches that make a jewelry piece reflect the designer. When all those little details come together they create something precious, a little world that the wearer gets to enjoy. My jewelry is many layers of detail. I am a lover of pattern and  CAD technology allows me to embrace the intricate…

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