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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Five Things to Consider Before you Buy Your wedding ring is your forever ring. It’s not only worn closest to your heart but it should make you smile every day as you wear it. You have a unique style, let it shine! Here are the top five questions to help guide you to make the choice of a lifetime. Would you like…

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Update Your Wedding Ring 6 Easy Ideas

engagement update header

Many of you would never change a thing about your wedding jewelry. For those who don’t share this opinion, please read on. We know that you love your wedding ring. It’s just that personal style evolves. What you enjoyed years ago can change over time. Sometimes we just want to update our look a little and sometimes we need to start…

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Gold: Which is right for you? Yellow, White or Rose

gold custom design diamond bracelet white yellow rose

Yellow gold is eternal. It has been mined from the ground and adorned people since ancient times. In jewelry it can be transformed into wearable art which is precious and durable.Yellow gold in the past decade has taken a back seat to other metals and other colors, but in the last few years it has started to show that the…

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Is a custom ring more expensive than a ready made ring?

custom design cost vs ready made

The price of a ring (or any piece of fine jewelry) is based on the cost of materials and labor, with a markup for the maker to cover overhead and stay in business. As with most products there is a large variance in material quality, the most obvious being gemstone quality. Most of us are aware that the price of…

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