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Earth Day and Eco Friendly Jewelry Design

Diamond Sun Pendant 18k gold

“We are artisans committed to creating beauty in our world through our medium of fine jewelry.”  –Philip Voetsch Our world is important to us! April 22 is Earth Day, a day for us to celebrate and share our focus of creating beautiful jewelry, while working with diamonds, gemstones, and metals that will do no harm to planet earth and its inhabitants. The beauty…

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The 4 C’s of Diamonds

rough diamond crystals

The 4 C’s of Diamonds 1. CLARITY   Clarity grades assess the number, size, relief, and position of inclusions and blemishes. Internally Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and command much higher prices per carat than gems with microscopic inclusions.   2. COLOR   The less color, the higher the grade. Even the slightest hint can make a dramatic difference in…

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THIN IS IN When It Comes to Diamond (or Sapphire) Wedding Bands

We’ve noticed a trend around here when it comes to buying wedding bands. Thin diamond bands are very popular.       They look great next to a solitaire engagement ring and the popular halo rings with micro pave.         Place a thin sapphire band next to a simple solitaire ring for a subtle pop of color. You…

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Why Pirates Wore Gold Earrings and Why You Should Too

hand wrought hoop earrings

In ancient times jewelry was worn as adornment as well as a savings account. Pirates wore gold earrings as a fashion statement and an insurance policy. It symbolized that they had plundered enough booty to afford the adornment as well as the ability to sell it upon death to ensure a proper burial. Although most of us don’t buy earrings…

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