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History of Ruby 

This post is from the Gemological Institute of America’s website, one of the most accurate sources of gemological information available.     If you are interested in learning more about gemstones, we recommend checking out this site. (You can ask us anything too!) History of Ruby Red is the color of our most intense emotions—love and anger, passion and…

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Birthstones and Lore of Gemstones


There are numerous legends and myths about birthstone healing powers and their therapeutic influence. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its healing powers. For the full effect, individuals needed to own all twelve and alternate them monthly. January January birthstone is garnet and thought to keep the wearer safe during travel. It was also used…

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Peridot is August’s Birthstone

Peridot The fresh lime green of peridot is its distinctive signature. Its spring green color also is ideal with sky blue. Peridot, along with Spinel, is the birthstone for August, and is harder than metal but softer than many gemstones.   Peridot is treasured in Hawaii as the goddess Pele’s tears. The island of Oahu even has beaches made out of…

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Cultured Pearl Round Table 2017

Betty Sue King, The Pearl Goddess, inaugurated King’s Ransom in 1979. After 14 years of classroom teaching she left the profession and created her wholesale business. Renowned for having pearls that extend the boundaries of opulence, she travels overseas several times a year to source her remarkable collection. Betty Sue King, was honored with the Women’s Jewelry Association 2017 award for…

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Modern Anniversary Gemstones

This is a fun tradition to start with your beloved! You can research ideas all year for clever ways to give a gemstone. Maybe you start with the rough crystal form and create a collection of specimens that represent your lives together. Our website has options for  most of         these gemstones too. We love to help…

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Diamonds Can Break?

chipped diamond broken diamond

How To Prevent Your Diamond From Chipping 1. Avoid shapes with points or sharp corners Any shape of diamond with points or sharp corners is more exposed to chipping at those locations. Round, oval, and rounded-corner cushions don’t have that point exposure. 2. Protect the culet At one time, almost all standard round brilliant cut diamonds and many other shapes…

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KC’s Custom Jewelry Hand Made From Start to Finish

maker hammer set

Many know us as the source for custom jewelry design in Kansas City. But did you know Philip has been doing this since the seventies? Ten years were spent on the Plaza on 47th Street. Then in the 80’s, Voetsch & Co. moved to Wornall Road. There, Philip’s jewelry collections were created and sold to jewelers at the largest jewelry shows in America.…

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ANT HILL GARNETS One of our favorite stories about gemstones is one Phil often tells about ant hill garnets. The ants find garnets while excavating their underground passages, then bring the gems out of the hole at the top of their hill and discard them. Rain washes the garnets and moves them down the ant hill.  These are limited in…

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Pantone Unveils Spring 2016 Fashion Color Report

Fashionistas may have to adjust to calling fashion week in New York City by a different name—New York Fashion Week (Sept. 10–17) as opposed to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week—as that sponsorship has ended, but at least Pantone’s color forecast for the season ahead remains a constant. Yesterday, the self-proclaimed color authority unveiled its Fashion Color Report Spring 2016, calling its selects…

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Red Spinel to be Auctioned

The Hope Spinel, a 50.13 ct. octagonal-cut stone set in a 19th-century silver and gold brooch, will be auctioned at the Bonhams London Fine Jewellery Sale on Sept. 24.   The stone was last sold in 1917. Bonhams estimates it will go for between $227,000 and $304,000. As its name suggests, the stone was part of the collection of Henry Philip Hope,…

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How To Size Finger For Ring in Five Easy Steps

How Do I Find My Ring Size? Whether you are trying to surprise someone with a ring, or order one for yourself, it’s good to know the correct size. Many rings cannot be sized after they are made, for one reason or another so it’s important to get the size right the first time. Here are a few tips to help…

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Meet Erica Voetsch Creator of Unique Handmade Jewelry Designs

crystal 925 silver nugget majendie amethyst

You may have guessed that Erica is our daughter. Some of you have met her and some of you know a bit about her jewelry designs. She has been working with us for years now in many aspects of the business. We’d like to share an update on her work and upcoming show. Erica Voetsch is founder of Majendie Jewelry…

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THIN IS IN When It Comes to Diamond (or Sapphire) Wedding Bands

We’ve noticed a trend around here when it comes to buying wedding bands. Thin diamond bands are very popular.       They look great next to a solitaire engagement ring and the popular halo rings with micro pave.         Place a thin sapphire band next to a simple solitaire ring for a subtle pop of color. You…

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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Five Things to Consider Before you Buy Your wedding ring is your forever ring. It’s not only worn closest to your heart but it should make you smile every day as you wear it. You have a unique style, let it shine! Here are the top five questions to help guide you to make the choice of a lifetime. Would you like…

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