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Gemstone Games During Quarantine, or Anytime!

Are you homeschooling or looking for something different to do with the kiddos? Our partner and fabulous gemstone cutter, Roger Dery has provided us with games for kids of all ages. Link here to find your games! Scroll down for grown-up games.

Rachel, Roger and Ginger Dery, Founders of Gem Legacy


Some of you may remember our GEMSTONE ROUNDTABLE EVENT with Roger and Ginger Dery several years ago. They not only source and cut fine gemstones, their foundation, GEM LEGACY   benefits families involved in the mining and production of gemstones in many ways:

-Food for at risk kids
-Food for artisanal mines
-Sanitation and awareness…and so much more.
I urge you to go to to learn more about how to help!

-Tamara Voetsch



Additional GEMSTONE GAME links for GROWN UPS:



This is my Spirit Gem. If you would like to read more about gemstones, you could scroll through our past blog posts. Please share!