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Handwrought Gold Jewelry

Handwrought one at a time, just for you by your hometown jeweler.

It wasn’t so long ago that all jewelry was made one at a time in small shops. We’ve held this tradition dear for many years, and to this day still make it ourselves. As artisans and makers we control the quality of the pieces we offer. We use recycled gold and platinum, conflict free gemstones and centuries old hand finishing and setting techniques as well as the use of state of the art equipment.

Everything Old Is New Againhandwrought gold jewelry on crystals

Hand forging is one of the oldest forms of manipulating metals. The jeweler uses many specialized hammers and tools to create wearable art from flat sheets of gold. We bring ancient and modern techniques to our art form. The energy of the human touch translates from hammer to wearer. The metal speaks not only to the artisan, but to the person who sees the piece and puts it on. The strength, durability and beauty of hand wrought jewelry makes it an excellent choice.


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