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Pantone’s Fall Colors 2014; Jewelry Trends

Each year Pantone, the leader of color communication in the design world selects seasonal color trends that will be showcased for a season by a range of designers from clothing to housewares to accessories. 

 The fall report is released to the public as the first lines featuring those hues hit the runways all over the world.
“This is a season of untypical colors more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall” said Leatrice Elseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.”
This artful fall color palette perfectly plays out in gemstone colors. Fall is our last glimpse of nature’s beauty until it emerges in the spring; jewelry can freeze that moment in time and carry the colors of fall through the dark winter days.
Lapis lazuli is a fabulous representation of royal blue, with its smooth bright blue hue.51311E1-jbd-web
Purple heart wood reflects the essence of cognac, this exotic wood found in the tropical regions of Central and South Africa when enhanced by UV rays becomes a rich deep brown with undercurrents of its original purple hue. Cognac also shares this richness of dual tones.
Misted yellow; not quite pastel but not quite a jewel tone either, yellow sapphire would bring the perfect tint of yellow with brilliance to match the bold quality of this hue. 41275EW-jbd-web
Aurora red is bright and sassy as are the finest rubies. A true red ruby is going to have the same pop of color, the same bold redness, it is a fierce fiery gem.4040ER3-jbd-webRadiant orchid is complex…it is a bit of fuchsia, a bit of pink with a hint of purple thrown in. The only stone to come close to this mixture is purple sapphire. Due to its hardness, purple sapphire has the ability to reflect all these tints at once, blending into the perfect orchid color. Amethyst is a close second but it lacks the depth that can be found in fancy sapphire.
52106P3-refMauve mist reflects back to the time of vintage jewelry, a more romantic era. Rose de France amethyst has a very romantic name that also sends ones thoughts to back to the days of corsets and balls. This pastel amethyst, while definitely not vintage certainly evokes that feel and will carry mauve mist into a whole new generation.rose de france
While this is not the complete list of Pantone’s colors, there are certainly natural gemstones for each tone on the list. If there is a color that you simply love, there is a way to wear it every day which will last far longer than one season.