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Update Your Wedding Ring 6 Easy Ideas

Many of you would never change a thing about your wedding jewelry. For those who don’t share this opinion, please read on. We know that you love your wedding ringIt’s just that personal style evolves. What you enjoyed years ago can change over time. Sometimes we just want to update our look a little and sometimes we need to start over! If you’ve considered a little update on your rings, we have a few starter tips for you to “try on”.

You may want to start slowly at first. Maybe you would simply prefer white gold instead of yellow gold. We can usually plate your ring with rhodium to show you how it will look in white gold or platinum. This is a relatively small fee to see what it looks like before investing in a new ring. If you decide you don’t like it after all, the plating can be removed.

Bikini solitaire in white gold.

Bikini solitaire in white gold.

Another simple change is making your ring look new by adding a different finish to it. A brushed finish could make your diamonds stand out like never before. Adding milgrain engraving to the edges can give it an heirloom look. It’s best to consult with an experienced jewelry designer for the best outcome.

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PV Wave Bands White Blur Hi ResIf your ring has flat, even edges you may like to try adding guard rings on either side of it. They come in a large variety of styles; small diamond bands, twisted wire bands, a different color metal is a nice accent. Colored gemstone bands are a great way to change your look and add a splash of color at the same time. This is an easy update because you just try them on with your ring to see which ones look the best.

Your ring may have channel set diamonds that look dated. Chances are good that your diamonds could be reset into a setting with prongs and instantly change the style and feel. We have reset many center diamonds into a thinner engagement ring and added a different wedding band. The choices here are endless.

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rose gold halo ringHalo rings are popular now because they make your diamond appear to be larger by surrounding it with many small diamonds. There are many styles of halos, from simple to complex. We can show you the best style that will work with your diamonds. There are new components available now that are so easy to adapt to your existing ring too.

Maybe you TomlinsonLesliewant a larger diamond. Three stone rings are a classic style that can incorporate your original diamond by moving it to become a side stone. We can match that diamond and place a larger one in the center. Voila! Awesome new look. Or instead of a larger diamond in the middle a stunning blue sapphire will set you apart from the same old thing.

Whatever your desire or budget, there are so many ways to update your wedding rings to suite your taste and style. We’ve been updating rings for about thirty-plus years, so we have many ideas to share with you. Drop in or shop to get fresh ideas or on our web site, we would love to help you re-create a ring you’ll love.