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Why Pirates Wore Gold Earrings and Why You Should Too

In ancient times jewelry was worn as adornment as well as a savings account. Pirates wore gold earrings as a fashion statement and an insurance policy. It symbolized that they had plundered enough booty to afford the adornment as well as the ability to sell it upon death to ensure a proper burial.

Although most of us don’t buy earrings for burial insurance, we can enjoy the fact that gold holds it’s value and over time is a good investment. Gold earrings are a great value considering they can be worn over a lifetime, and even passed on to someone else.
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Daytime or Work Attire

You can’t go wrong with a pair of gold earrings. There are endless styles to choose from so choose a style that can be worn anytime, your “go-to” pair” when you don’t have time to think. Your skin tone and personal taste will determine whether you choose yellow gold or white gold. Either color is long lasting and makes you feel good when you wear it.

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E9SYD jbdEvening and Dress Up
Diamond is the only gemstone where the lack of color is most desired. These vibrant gemstones reflect light like no other stone making them perfect for evening wear. Wearing diamond earrings is a great way to make a statement about who you are and what you like. Smaller, single diamond styles appear more casual than multi-diamond earrings.


PV-Medicine-Wheel-Ear-EW-jbWhen you invest in diamond earrings you want to get the most out of your purchase by wearing them often. Choose earrings that best suits your style day in and day out.


pv-BB-noir-cluster-ear-jbd-Sterling Silver Earrings for Fun
Your playful side can be expressed with fashionable sterling earrings and we usually have multiple pairs of these. Sterling silver is an affordable metal that has endless style choices. Earrings with large colorful gemstones add some flair to your outfits. The new blackened silver styles are a good choice because everything goes with black!

When building your jewelry wardrobe, the shape of the earrings should compliment the shape of your face. Women with round faces may prefer angular shapes, whereas someone with angular features may soften them with oval and round designs. Choose a style that ties in with your other jewelry to complete your look effortlessly.

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